EDEN-1015 Professional 10 inch trolley speaker

Model ED-1015
Size 10"+10" woofer
Battery 12V/7000mA
Power 100W RMS
Function Aux in(3.5mm),MIC input,Guitar input
Dual USB SLOT,for USB playback,USB charge
USB/TF Card input; FM Radio,Bluetooth
Microphone Volume control,Echo control
Microphone Priority,BASS/Treble control
TWS function:pair 2pcs speaker via wireless connection


While outdoor party speakers are typically larger in size, they are still designed to be relatively lightweight and easy to carry. They often feature portable handles, wheels, or foldable designs, allowing users to easily move and set them up in outdoor settings.

Party speakers typically come with multiple features such as built-in mixers, microphone inputs, and sound effects controls. These features allow users to adjust audio settings according to their needs, providing better sound effects and more entertainment options.

Outdoor party speakers need to have sufficient volume and power output to spread music in outdoor spaces and provide ample sound for parties. They typically feature high-powered amplifiers and large-sized speaker units to produce strong and clear sound.

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